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Summer Semester In Session
Spring semester is over and it wasn't too bad. June started out okay but quickly fizzled into a pattern of June gloom crapola, which has now carried forward to the start of July. Some early monsoonal clouds have crept in as another wind buster for us. Hopefully some decent wind will kick into gear soon. We were able to squeeze in a decent wave riding session on the tail end of a south swell with some waist to head high waves. Pics by Brian posted above, below and in the new
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Steven at County - Photo by Phil
This is an older blog post from Matt P from Sept 2012.
"As a general guideline, I think most people over 59 should be using a 28 or longer length line. Bigger dudes over 62 should be using a 30 or longer. For the average sailor between 54 and 58 I suggest either a 24 or 26 line. For those of you 53 and down, you should be good with 22 or 20s. just be aware of keeping your rig as vertical as possible!"

We have demo lines available from Chinook. Monos in 26", 28", 30" and also a set of adjustables. No cost to try them so it's time to experiment!

Pritchard Windsurfing Blog
Tony at Secos - Photo by Brian - July 2014
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Owen at C-St - Photo by Beth
"Harness Line Lengths For You"
Sailor - Tony, Photo by Ara
KMAC at Jalama - Photo by Paul D
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Brian at Secos
Tony at Secos
Charlie (l), Andy (c) and Gary D (r) at Secos
design_01001010.jpg design_01001009.jpg
Austin at County - Photo by Brian
design_01001008.jpg design_01001007.jpg
Dave at Secos - Photo by Brian
Summer & Spring Semester Highlights
Summer 2014 Gallery
Austin at Secos - Photo by Erik
Mike at Secos - Photo by Brian
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Gary D at Secos - Photo by Brian - July 2014
Billy at Secos - Photo by Brian - July 2014
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Johnny O at Secos - Photo by Brian
Mitch at Secos - Photo by Brian
Erik at C-St - Photo by Bryan R