KMAC showcasing his flying skills at Aloha Classic 2016 in the Pro Double Elimination Heat. Click here to watch the live event

Brandon riding a monster August 2016

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Leo Carillo Sunset

We are a group of windsurfers, dedicated to chasing the wind wherever it might be, providing it’s at Secos, County Line, C. St., Jalama, and sometimes Baja or Hawaii. And, of course, discussion of all things windsurfing, and our appreciation for the local flora and fauna. Please join us at

County Line Winter 2015

County Line,  El Ninio on December 2015

C-Street, Ventura, December 2015, great way to end the year. Looking forward for a windier 2016

KMAC and Mike C going out

Low Tide Blue Sunset


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Used windsurfing gear for sale from the locals

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Girl on Wave on iTunes, Amazon, VimeoGoogle Play, Xbox, PlaystationVUDU & Kaleidescape

Girl on Wave introduces professional windsurfer Sarah Hauser and documents her journey as a New-Caledonian athlete competing on the American stage of windsurfing. The film includes interviews with world-class athletes, windsurfing champions and others who have inspired Sarah on her path to winning the American Windsurfing Tour title. Performing at her highest potential in big swells and competitions around the globe, Sarah is leaving her unique mark on the sport. Watch the trailer below for an inspirational journey as Sarah follows her dreams.

The magic of Punta San Carlos!

The magic of Punta San Carlos! Baja, let’s go! April 22-29 and Sept. 23-30.

Each guest gets a deluxe tent fully loaded with pads, pillows and freshly laundered sleeping bags, daily hot showers, access to emails and use of our game room with TV/DVD, pool table, darts, foosball and library! All this in the absolute middle of nowhere Mexican Desert!You’ll also get unlimited use of all our top of the line windsurf gear. For more info please visit

Owen's forward loop


Leo Carillo Sumer Session 2016

AWD 2016

Leo Carillo

C-street, Ventura California